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Our Offerings to You


The Highest Healing Custom Massage is our signature bodywork treatment that is custom tailored to you. Our knowledgeable licensed therapists will work with you to create your perfect massage program. The custom massage may include deep tissue massage, swedish massage, trigger point release, myofascial release, passive stretching, aromatherapy and  reiki energy healing.

Reiki- Reiki is a Japenese energy healing technique. The practitioner will place their hands in certain positions on or just over the body eliciting a relaxation response. Reiki energy will flow from the practitioners hands into the client's body and will go exactly where it needs to go! Treat anxiety, chronic pain, depression, insomnia and more. Reiki classes are offered year round. 

Ask about our mobile chair massage services! Perfect for employee appreciation days, holiday parties and golf events. 734-772-2491

For a full list of bodywork services including detailed descriptions and prices, click MASSAGE APPOINTMENT.

Stones Massage

Plymouth, mi hot stone massage